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CHECHEN YOUTHS COORDINATION COMMITTEE (CYCC). Committee is the main organ for all Chechen youth’s association in the world.

CYCC consists of an international superstructure with national organizations. CYCC shall be umbrella association compared to national organizations.

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We do sadaqa only who need it all the most who are in need situation. We do this in different provinces in both Chechnya and Ingushetia. If you want to support CYCC operations or one of our projects, you can also do that


Donate here to help those in need


Donate here to support our projects

Language travel

Our course

See the world, experience new cultures, make friends from all over the world while gaining international experience. The course starts on Mondays, with a length varying from just two weeks up to a year. The choice is yours!


Language Travel

We’ve funded 10+ charity projects for people in Caucasus

Healthy Food For Poor People

Pure Education For Every Youth

Cultural events for everyone

Become member

As a member you’ll make a difference each and every day by helping us organize charity projects in Kaukasus. You get a unique opportunity to learn more about Chechen culture and history.

Team Members

Our Team

Our team consists of 10 young volunteers who aim to safeguard and promote the interests of cultural, sporting, linguistic, professional and social character for all youth with Chechen background

Beckhan Saiew


Carina David

Ambassador of Norway

Mohamed Çeçen

Plenipotentiary ambassador Syria in exile

Sulkhani Bordzikashvili

CYCC ambassadors director & Ambassador of Georgia

Razita Abubakarova

Health director & Ambassador of Germany

Radima Elembajeva

Ambassador of Netherlands

Ahmad Alshishani

Ambassador of Turkey

Rakhman Taramov

Policy -and security Director & Ambassador of Canada

Kheda Gilkhaeva

Ambassador of France

Luiza Almazova

Ambassador of Spain

Liana Sadulaeva

Secretary & Ambassador of the USA

Madina Beysultanova

Ambassador of belguim

Alihan Sulaev

Acting ambassador of Sweden