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About this course

This is a beginners course you who want to learn the Chechen language. This is self-paced course where the learner decides on when to study and how long to study. The course is for beginners. No previous language knowledge is required. No Russian language experience is needed to accomplish this course. This course prepares you to take the A1-A2 Chechen exam.

100% online

The course takes place on the digital course platform CANVAS

Beginners level

No prior experience required.


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About the language

Chechen (Нохчийн мотт, Noxçiyn mott,[3] [ˈnɔxt͡ʃĩː mu͜ɔt]) is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken by 2 million people, mostly in the Chechen Republic and by members of the Chechen diaspora throughout Russia and the rest of Europe and North America, Jordan, Syria,Turkey, Central Asia (mainly Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) and Georgia.

Chechen is a Northeast Caucasian language. Together with the closely related Ingush, with which there exists a large degree of mutual intelligibility and shared vocabulary, it forms the Vainakh branch.

What will you learn

The course consists of a total of 20 lessons, of which the first 8 lessons are pure A1, then lesson 9 to 15 is a mix, and the last lessons are real A2 level and a tiny bit of B1. The course will go through basic topics, such as greetings, culture, grammar and history. The course is available to both those who want to learn Chechen in English and French. At the end the learner will be able to speak, read, write and listen in Chechen after this course.


The course will take place on Canvas – a online learning software. First, the learner will watch a 15 minute long video lesson. Then, they will take some hands on practice using Quizlet. Next, they will take a quiz using knowledge gained from video and practice in Quizlet. After that, they will speak and record themselves for instructor’s review and at the eand they will use their knowledge to speak to other participants in discussion section. All lessons are built the same way as described in this section. COURSE ACCESS IS GIVEN FOR 1 YEAR

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