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Beckhan Saiew

Beckhan Saiew is the 3rd Leader of the CYCC in Organization History. He was elected leader in 2017. Beckhan has a lot of experience in organizational work. He has a previous background from the organization TUF. Beckhan is educated in IT.

Secretary & Ambassador of USA

Liana Sadulaeva

Liana Sadulaeva has been the ambassador of the Chechen youth organization CYCC to the United States of America since June 2019. Later she was entrusted with the work of the organization’s secretary. She is the second person in the organization after the leader. Liana was educated in economics. She learns languages ​​and dreams of working in IT.

Information Director & Ambassador Director

Natiya Terloyeva

Natiya Terloyeva became a member of CYCC in 2017. Thus, in 2023, she was appointed as information director of CYCC. Natiya is currently studying IT in Copenhagen and she’s also interested in learning different languages.

Policy -and security Director & Ambassador of Canada

Rakhman Taramov

Rakhman Taramov, York University diploma in Political Science and International Relations. Co-founder of CYCC and currently working as Director of Constitution and Safety, Ambassador of Canada. Proud to be member of CYCC because it has plans to create a better world for the Chechen youth.

Heath Director & Consul in Bavaria(South Germany)

Razita Abubakarova

Razita Abubakarova has been a CYCC member since 2016. In 2019, she was appointed Ambassador of Germany. In 2020, Razita was appointed health director at CYCC. As of today, Razita is both Germany’s ambassador and health director.

Studying Medical Specialist (Physician Assistant

Charity Director & Ambassador of France

Kheda Gilkhaeva

Kheda Gilkhaeva became a member of the CYCC in early 2020 according to the criteria for becoming a member of the CYCC. Thus, she was appointed as CYCC Ambassador to France in November 2020. She is currently ambassador of France for CYCC. Kheda has education in sales and service

Ambassador of Turkey

Taylan Han

Taylan Han became a member of CYCC in 2022. In 2023, he became value CYCC ambassador in Turkey. He lives in Istanbul and is an active member of the Chechen diaspora in Turkey. After graduating from university in 2017, he started working as a physiotherapist.
He currently runs a physiotherapy clinic in Istanbul.

Ambassador of Netherlands & Ambassador of Belgium

Radima Elembajeva

Radima Elembajeva has been the ambassador of the CYCC to the Netherlands since November 2021. Radima was educated in Management, Economics and Law. Currently she works in the bank.


Ambassador of Georgia

Ramzan Georgishivil

Ramzan Gorgishvili is the CYCC ambassador in Georgia, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and Public Administration. As a civic activist he has contributed a lot to raising awareness of Chechen young people and promoting Chechen culture in Georgia.

Ambassador of Spain

Luiza Almazova

Luiza Almazova has become CYCC member in the beginning of 2021. In August of 2021 she was chosen to be CYCC ambassador for Spain. Luiza is a great specialist in mathematical methods in economy. Also, she has a bachelor degree in management and masters in international trade and finances.
Ambassador of Middel East & Ambassador of Jordan

Ahmad Alshishani

Ahmad Alshishani, Former Activist in Humanitarian Organizations, Freelancer Reporter and Consultant in Humanitarian Reports and Articles, Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, Ex Ambassador of CYCC in Jordan 2016-2018, Currently Ambassador of CYCC in Turkey

Acting Ambassador of Sweden

Alihan Sulaev

Ambassador of Denmark

Isa Izaev

Isa Izaev became an ambassador of the Chechen Youth Coordination Committee (CYCC) in December 2022. He has been living in Denmark since 2008, and is currently working in transport of goods.

Ambassador of Norway

Shamil Khumparov

Shamil served as a representative TUF of region Buskerud in Norway from 2014 to 2019, and starting in 2019, Shamil assumed the role of leader within the Chechen Youth Association in Norway(TUF) In 2023, he became Norway’s ambassador of CYCC. Shamil educational background is in computer engineering, and he is currently employed in that field.

Ambassador Syria in Exile

Mohamed Çeçen

Mohamed Çeçen has become CYCC member in August of 2021. He was chosen to be CYCC ambassador for syria in exil august 2022. Mohamed has experience in the field of humanitarian organizations and has many voluntary works in the humanitarian support organization in Turkey.
Works in commercial marketing, export and translation work in the following languages: (Arabic, Turkish and English).
Studied at the Faculty of Law at Damascus University.
Ambassador of Germany

Saida Achmaeva

Saida became a member of CYCC in 2022 and was elected as the CYCC Ambassador in Germany in 2023. She is the leader of the Nenan Mott project and actively works to preserve the Chechen language, culture, and history. Professionally, Saida works as a translator for Chechen, German, and Russian. Her hobbies include reading and traveling. Motto: Dream, plan, act.

Ambassador of Austria

Liana Scharschaeva

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